About Me


I am from Fort Worth, Texas. I have been working on my debut novel for the last 2 years with SMU Writers' Path.

I am a member of Granbury Writer's Bloc, Sisters in Crime North Dallas, and DFW Writers' Workshop.

Debut Novel


Twenty-seven years after her parents died in a car accident, Ellie begrudgingly returns to her childhood hometown during storm season to sell the family farm. She plans to stay only two days. Get in, get out!

As a thunderstorm is building during Ellie’s time home, Ellie begins to experience nightmares that cloud her memories. She also discovers she was raised in a shroud of lies all crafted by the town to keep her from the truth about her parents' deaths, including the fact that the killer is still at large.  

Cross your fingers for 2019!

I cannot wait for y'all to discover who it is!